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Dec 20, 2021

Ncdot Encroachment Agreements

If you are a property owner within the state of North Carolina, then it is quite possible that you have heard of the term “NCDOT encroachment agreements” before. These agreements are becoming increasingly common as more and more people are looking to develop properties in areas that are located adjacent to or near state highways. As such, it is essential for any property owner to understand what NCDOT encroachment agreements are and why they are important.

What is an NCDOT Encroachment Agreement?

An NCDOT encroachment agreement is an agreement between the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and a property owner that allows the property owner to use a portion of the state’s right-of-way for specific purposes. These purposes can include things like building a driveway, installing a fence, or even expanding a commercial property. Essentially, an NCDOT encroachment agreement gives a property owner permission to use a strip of land that belongs to the state for activities that are not typically allowed under state law.

Why are NCDOT Encroachment Agreements Important?

There are many reasons why NCDOT encroachment agreements are important. Firstly, they allow property owners to use otherwise unusable land, which is especially important in areas where land is at a premium. This means that property owners can expand their properties without having to purchase additional land, which can be a significant cost savings. Secondly, NCDOT encroachment agreements give property owners the legal permission they need to use the state’s land. This means that property owners can avoid legal issues with the state down the road if they make any changes to their property that violate state law.

How to Obtain an NCDOT Encroachment Agreement

If you are interested in obtaining an NCDOT encroachment agreement, the first step is to contact the NCDOT. The department will conduct a review of your property and determine whether or not an agreement can be granted. If an agreement is granted, you will need to pay a fee for the use of the state’s land, which is typically calculated based on the amount of land you will be using and the duration of the agreement.

In conclusion, NCDOT encroachment agreements are important for property owners who wish to expand their properties or make changes that would typically be prohibited under state law. If you are a property owner in North Carolina, it is essential to understand what these agreements are and how to obtain them. With an NCDOT encroachment agreement in place, you can expand your property and avoid legal issues with the state down the road.

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